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There were over 160 entries in the 2018 contest, all starting with the words, “Only one person knew the truth." The judges at every stage carefully read each entry in order to narrow the field and select the ten finalists. These ten stories went to the finalist judges – Betty Goulden, CFUW president, Laura Finney, a journalist for the York Region Media Group and our celebrity judge, Jennifer Dance, a Stouffville author – and they chose the three winning entries.

Winners and Finalists for the 
2018 Short Story Contest
First Place Winner
Natalie Simonian “Translating Carter"

Second Place Winner
Anne Evangeline Wynne “The Last Day” 

Third Place Winner  
Joana Kim “It's All in the Name

Our Celebrity Judge, Award-winning Canadian author and playwright Jennifer Dance.
Other Finalists (alphabetical order)

​Tyler Burgess “A Trial of Vengeance

Rachel Chen “Black

Isra Mohammad Ghani “The Silenced

Shubhangi Joshi “Vengeance Wrapped in a Sari

Karah Kushnir “epilanthanomai: to forget, neglect” 

Aaleyah Merchant “Scheming Royal

Monica Xie “The Buried Truth

left to right:

Tyler Burgess, Rachel Chen, Shubhangi Joshi, Aaliyah Merchant, Monica Xie, Joana Kim (3rd), photograph of Anne Wynne (2nd), Natalie Simonian (1st)

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