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April 24, 2018Sybille Hahn, member of Hesperus Village, Thornhill

“Sage-ing in Community”

Hesperus Village in Thornhill, Ontario is a seniors’ affordable housing residence inspired by the philosophy of anthroposophy. Founded in the late 1980’s it is supported by relationships with other anthroposophical initiatives in the Thornhill area; the Rudolph Steiner Centre, Toronto Waldorf School, Christian Community Church and the Pegasus Medical Center. Hesperus encourages interaction between the generations, people of diverse cultures and spiritual paths, and those with a variety of interests, skills and talents.

Born in Silesia, Germany in 1944, Sybille Hahn came to Canada in 1957. For seventeen years she was an active volunteer with the Toronto Waldorf School while raising her children, both of whom graduated from the Waldorf School.

Sybille has been working with seniors since she took up the duties of Executive Director at CANES Home Support Services in November 1999. CANES provides services that allow seniors to age at home, to avoid premature and unnecessary institutionalization. Her love of working with people and feeling the strength of a close-knit community are the sources of her energy and have drawn her to Hesperus. She became a resident there after 10 years on the Board and six years as Executive Director. Since 2009 she has been an exceedingly active volunteer.

Her presentation will focus on one way of finding meaning in the third stage of life, namely “elderhood.”