Aurora Newmarket
Shopping & special occasion gift-giving–the pandemic way.

Support CFUW Aurora/Newmarket Outreach programs.
FundScrip is a fundraising program that lets CFUW Aurora/Newmarket raise much needed funds simply by purchasing gift cards that can be used at our favourite stores. When you spend money for food, clothing, household items and gifts using these gift cards, CFUW Aurora/Newmarket Outreach Programs will receive a percentage of 2-10% of these purchases. You simply pay for your purchases with gift cards or give these cards as gifts to friends and family to enjoy. 

NOTE - All gift cards can be used on their sponsors’ websites for online shopping as well for instore purchases. 

Here’s an example – if you used these gift cards to purchase $200/week in groceries (3%) and $50/week for gas (2%), in a month almost $30 would be donated to the Outreach Programs.

Available until November 30