Aurora Newmarket
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About the Canadian Federation of University Women
The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) is a world of women helping women. Founded in 1919, CFUW is a national, voluntary, non-partisan, non-profit, self-funded, bilingual organization of more than 8,000 women in over 100 clubs across Canada. CFUW members are active in public affairs, working to raise the social, economic and legal status of girls and women as well as improving education, the environment, peace, justice and human rights.


CFUW Aurora/Newmarket is committed to the improvement of the status of women and human rights. As an affiliate of the National Canadian Federation of University Women we endorse its Mission statement:

CFUW is committed to:

  • The pursuit of knowledge 
  • The promotion of education 
  • The improvement of the status of women and human rights 
  • Active participation in public affairs in a spirit of cooperation and friendship

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Our Aurora/Newmarket CFUW club was founded in 1957 and has been growing steadily ever since. We now have more than 220 members and are one of the largest clubs in Canada. Aurora Newmarket is engaged in empowering women’s lives through friendship, education, outreach and advocacy. It is a place to make lasting friendships, engage in social activities, and participate in the community. Join CFUW and experience the power of women working together!
​CFUW is the largest of more than 50 national affiliates of GWI. GWI has consultative status at the United Nations and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

GWI, founded in 1919 as the International Federation of University Women is a worldwide, non-governmental organization of women graduates, whose purpose is to promote lifelong education for women and girls; promote international cooperation, friendship, peace and respect for human rights for all, irrespective of their gender, age, race, nationality, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation or other status; advocate for the advancement of the status of women and girls; and encourage and enable women and girls to apply their knowledge and skills in leadership and decision-making in all forms of public and private life.


Our club is part of the Ontario Council which is composed of 54 clubs, with over 5,000 members located across Ontario.  

Aurora Newmarket is part of the Ontario Central group under Regional Director, Judith Pownall 

The Ontario Council's mandate is:

  • To promote cooperation and facilitate communication of information and ideas among CFUW Clubs in Ontario. 
  • To promote the policies and programmes of CFUW.
  • To encourage and initiate studies with respect to matters of a provincial nature.
  • To make representation to the appropriate provincial authorities consistent with Ontario Council policy.
  • To promote an understanding of provincial and national issues and their implications through dialogue among member Clubs.


The GWI Triennial, “General Assembly and Peace Through Education” Conference was held in Geneva, Switzerland from July 25-28, 2019. The following are documents of interest related to the conference: