Aurora Newmarket
The Advocacy Committee promotes and enables diverse partnerships with other York Region community organizations whose mandate is consistent with CFUW’s, i.e., improving human rights and the status of women and girls.  

The Advocacy Committee engages its membership in active participation in public affairs. Members are encouraged to participate in the following:
  • Submit researched initiatives for study and possible presentation as a proposed resolution to CFUW National and CFUW Ontario Council, or for action within our club and/or community.
  • Participate in leading the review of CFUW National and Ontario Council resolutions. 
  • Inform members and the public about the annual 16 Days of Action against Gender-based violence and options for participation.  

Click here to download your Toolkit for the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence
Samra Zafar was abused as a child bride and this is what she learned. Her story has captured a nation from coast to coast across Canada and beyond. Samra Zafar takes us on a journey of survival and self-discovery. Samra was trapped as a child bride in an abusive marriage for over a decade, with no hope of ever finding freedom and opportunities to live with respect. Samra is an advocate for survivors of domestic violence.

Click here to view Samra Zafar's TEDx Talk.